Welcome to The Primer

As you likely already know, the world can be a frightening place. The endless stream of information and frenzied reaction that fills our news and social media feeds can give any reader a headache. This barrage also has the effect of burying some sources that may offer relevant perspectives. The will of ruling classes and self-interested groups constantly warps the narratives that we consume, enhancing the power of this information glut. Seeking clarity about world events can be a complicated task. What is one to do when history and current events are simultaneously accessible and obfuscated?

               The Primer aims to cut through that static and point readers in the direction of something approximating the truth. Explanations of history and global conflict often assume a certain familiarity with the context, or are full of confusing language. The goal of this site is to provide concise summaries of a few events, and hopefully give the reader an avenue to explore a given subject beyond the undoubtedly incomplete information found here. If anything posted on this blog piques an interest, please seek out further sources. History, war, and the systems that we live within don’t exist in a vacuum. Moments in history are a result of the conditions of the world around them, and framing events in context is key. Ideally, this site can help clarify a few events and provide some context for the state of our world.

Good luck out there.


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